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De Pretto Industrie, and in particular its Special Projects business unit, can count on decades of hands-on experience in delivering tailor-made heavy lifting tools for the offshore industry.

This makes us able to assist even the most demanding EPC contractors with inventiveness, practical knowledge and a flexible approach to the project execution. In addition to our internal design competences, our in-house fabrication capabilities give us the full control of the development process of our heavy lifting tools.

Starting from the specific needs of our clients, we develop our heavy lifting solutions designing, fabricating and testing the equipment in accordance with the applicable codes and standards (e.g. DNV, ABS and LLOYD codes).

In particular, our tools can assist EPC contractors in a wide range of applications:

Heavy lifting is an activity that has to be routinely carried out in the offshore industry. Indeed, when an EPC contractor needs to build or decommission an offshore infrastructure, it has to lift and handle heavy components and structures between quayside and various offshore locations. The offshore environment makes a delicate activity such as heavy lifting even more complex. In particular, unstable weather conditions and the marine environment drastically increase the risks of compromising fast installation campaigns and their safety, which may bring higher costs and uncertainty.

It is for these reasons that many EPC contractors have already chosen De Pretto Industrie as their partner for the development of bespoke offshore heavy lifting tools in order to simplify their offshore operations and minimize their overall campaign costs.

Heavy lifting tools and equipment specifically designed for the purpose are often the key to offshore success. Indeed, when working offshore, it is crucial to mitigate all possible risks through a careful study and preparation of the lifting operations. This brings the need to develop customized heavy lifting tools able to simplify the interaction between the existing equipment available in the construction vessels and the structures that have to be installed or removed, which are often different from each another.

This approach reaches the optimum by reducing the CAPEX investments needed for each project, and minimizing the risks of longer installation campaigns.



The offshore lifting tools that De Pretto Industrie can develop for pipelay operations come from the extensive practical knowledge of this industry available in our Special Projects team.

This is combined with the internal fabrication and testing capabilities, which makes De Pretto Industrie able to deliver smart and cost effective heavy lifting solutions, mainly for abandonment & recovery operations.

In our Pipelay Equipment page, more details on how De Pretto Industrie can assist your pipelay operations are available.


Offshore wind installations are becoming more and more complex together with the introduction of the new generation offshore wind generators, which are continuously increasing in size and weight.

The strong experience that De Pretto Industrie has gained in developing bespoke lifting tools for the offshore market makes us the perfect partner to deliver innovative and cost effective lifting tools for the installation of wind turbine foundations and offshore wind generators.

In our Offshore Wind Installation Equipment page, you can find a detailed description of how De Pretto Industrie can be an ingenious partner in delivering smart solutions for the heavy lifting operations required in the offshore wind market.


During FPSO mooring to its final position, or when pulling in the riser lines during the FPSO installation, it is necessary to carry out some heavy lifting operations.

These can be significantly simplified and speeded up by means of dedicated lifting tools carefully designed and integrated with the equipment already available in the installation vessels.

De Pretto Industrie has already supported EPC contractors in several projects where the lifting tools designed and fabricated by our Special Projects team have proved to be the key elements that made possible safe and on-schedule project executions.

More details are available in the page FPSO Risers and Mooring Lines regarding how De Pretto Industrie and its Special Projects team can assist you with bespoke lifting tools for FPSO installations.


In the offshore market, subsea operations are a necessary part of the activities that an EPC contractor has to carry out.

In particular, when heavy components are installed on the seabed, it is often necessary to perform subsea heavy lifting operations, which add to the typical offshore criticalities the additional challenge of being constantly underwater, and sometimes with prohibitive pressures typical of deepwater projects.

The combination of the extensive experience of our Special Projects business unit on heavy lifting and subsea applications makes De Pretto Industrie the ideal partner to develop tailor-made subsea lifting tools able to simplify and mitigate risks of subsea activities.

An overall description of De Pretto Industrie capabilities related to subsea applications can be found in the Subsea section of our website.


After an offshore field ends its production, it is necessary to proceed with the dismantling and decommissioning of the whole offshore infrastructure. Therefore, as it happens during the installation of offshore infrastructures, also during the removal phase a significant amount of heavy lifting operations has to be performed.

De Pretto Industrie, with its internal design and fabrication resources, provides turnkey heavy lifting tools and bespoke dismantling equipment for offshore decommissioning. Consequently, the EPC contractors that choose De Pretto Industrie can fully exploit their assets through the integration of customized solutions able to perfectly work with the existing lifting equipment available in the vessels.

Therefore, De Pretto Industrie is the ideal partner for all EPC contractors interested in simplifying the decommissioning operations, and at the same time minimizing CAPEX expenditure by using their existent equipment with dedicated bespoke tools specifically designed and fabricated.

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