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De Pretto Industrie is a provider of bespoke mechanical equipment designed to simplify the riser pull-in operations and the mooring of FPSO. This is achieved combining an in-house workshop with the practical experience of our Special Projects business unit gained during several years in the offshore installation market.

Our Special Projects team adopts a constructive and continuous exchange of information with the various stakeholders of the projects, and this enables us to design innovative solutions perfectly suitable to assist our clients in their offshore activities and to meet the expected installation performances. The in-house design is combined with the flexibility and responsiveness given by the internal fabrication resources. Indeed, having an ingenuous team of engineers with specific offshore competences together with an in-house workshop significantly simplifies our supply chain. Therefore, De Pretto Industrie can offer a unique interface for the supply of turnkey installation equipment for FPSO combined with a flexible and responsive execution of the projects, which is particularly valuable in the fast-paced projects of the offshore oil & gas market.

In the execution of offshore projects, it is often necessary to connect subsea fields composed by many well heads with a floating production facility. This facility is typically an FPSO, whose position is secured by mooring lines and the fluid transfer by risers. The risers are vertical pipelines whose function is to connect the subsea well heads, manifolds, and in general all subsea equipment, with the floating production unit.

Offshore applications usually requires tailor-made solutions, and FPSOs are not an exception. This leads to the need of carefully planning the offshore installation of the FPSO, taking into account the available assets, installation vessels and main requirements of the specific offshore application. It is for this reason that De Pretto Industrie has already been chosen by various EPC contractors as the key provider of bespoke equipment for the installation of FPSOs, which has proved to be the key element that made possible safe and on-schedule FPSO installations.

De Pretto Industrie can assist with various bespoke mechanical equipment for risers and mooring lines installations, and in particular with:


After the completed construction of a subsea field and the mooring of the FPSO to its final position, it is necessary to proceed with the pull-in of the riser lines previously laid on the seafloor. In practice, the pull-in of the risers is a heavy lifting operation that is carried out partially subsea, and it often requires the use of special designed pull-in heads to interface the riser lines with the lifting equipment available.

De Pretto Industrie is a leading provider of tailor-made pull-in heads for the installation or riser lines. Each pull-in head is carefully designed by the Special Projects team taking into consideration the defined installation sequence, the load cases, the available interfaces on riser and vessel side, and many other features unique for each FPSO.

The pull-in heads that De Pretto Industrie provides can also be developed considering:

  • Reusability of the pull-in head within more projects to minimize project installation costs;
  • Subsea wet storage for extended periods of time. This allows the pull-in head to be stored subsea with the riser line and give to the EPC contractor full flexibility regarding the scheduled pull-in phase of the risers;
  • Wide flexibility regarding the direction of the pull-in force thanks to the integration of a cardanic joint with the pull-in heads.

De Pretto Industrie and its Special Projects business unit are available to support EPC contractors with the definition of the most suitable pull-in heads since FEED phase, and can bring assistance through the design, fabrication and offshore installation. 


Fairleads are an essential component of FPSO and any other floating offshore infrastructure that are moored with tensioned chains. As typically happens in the offshore industry, the fairleads need to be customized for the specific application taking into consideration the working environment (subsea or above water), loads and space constraints.

De Pretto Industrie, with its typical flexible approach, develops bespoke fairleads for offshore floating infrastructures, including FPSOs. They are provided as turnkey products designed and fabricated with our internal resources, and therefore with maximum flexibility and responsive.


FPSO installations are complex activities that has to be performed safely, on schedule and respecting all technical requirements. Due to their complexity, it often happens that it is necessary to develop bespoke mechanical equipment or tools to overcome any setback that could turn out during the execution of the project.

It has been in these situations that De Pretto Industrie has proved to be the key to success for various EPC contractors. Indeed, the internal design team specialized in offshore and subsea applications (our Special Project business unit) together with an in-house workshop makes De Pretto Industrie a flexible and responsive enterprise: the perfect partner to deal with unexpected installation emergencies and turn around projects at risk of being jeopardized.

Our Special Projects team is ready to assist you on any installation emergency that can be solved with a prompt intervention with bespoke mechanical equipment.

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