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Our Special Projects business unit can count on an extensive experience in the offshore industry, which makes De Pretto Industrie an ingenious partner with solid practical knowledge of offshore applications. We assist the major EPC contractors operating offshore with tailor-made mechanical equipment complete with hydraulic and control systems.

The team of engineers of our Special Projects business unit works side by side with our clients to identify and develop the most suitable solution for their needs, while respecting the most stringent industry standards. This is combined with an internal workshop, which gives us the full control of the fabrication and test processes: welding, machining, assembly, integration with the hydraulic and control systems and testing. What is more, if the fabrication and integration of our equipment are not suitable for road transportation, De Pretto Industrie can coordinate yards with sea access easily accessible from our headquarters.

The support that De Pretto Industrie can provide to its clients does not stop with the delivery of our bespoke mechanical equipment. Indeed, our technicians can give support also during quayside or offshore integration and commissioning of our equipment, and during the entire lifetime of our products.

In particular, De Pretto Industrie with its Special Project business unit can assist you with:

For more information regarding how we can support your offshore operations, visit the sections of our website or make contact with our Special Projects’ sales team.

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