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Before the installation of subsea pipelines or cables, it can be required to carry out a proper preparation of the seabed to adequately lay, bury and protect the subsea assets during their entire working life. De Pretto Industrie, with the subsea competences of its Special Projects business unit, supports the major EPC contractors with the supply of tailor-made equipment for subsea trenching, post-trenching and subsea mining.

The design, fabrication and testing of our equipment are always driven by our client’s needs, which are the priority for our internal resources: a motivated and competent team of engineers with several years of practical experience in subsea applications and a structured workshop capable to build and test our equipment. Indeed, our production facility can count on more than 130 years of experience in the energy industry, and provides precious knowhow that makes our equipment products of outstanding quality.

De Pretto Industrie is a partner that can guarantee a responsive approach to the projects having all the required competences and resources in house. This is a distinctive quality that makes De Pretto Industrie a valuable supplier in a market where long lead times are unacceptable and reliability is a must.

The equipment that De Pretto Industrie develops for subsea trenching activities are:


De Pretto Industrie supplies bespoke subsea trenchers able to lay pipelines and cables even in the most demanding conditions. They can be either track driven or directly interfaced with the subsea pipeline by means of locking wheels. In particular, we design, fabricate and test our subsea burial machines with our internal resources and supply a turnkey product by integrating the hydraulic and control systems. In addition, De Pretto Industrie can include in the supply also the necessary launch and recovery systems (LARS) or adapt the trencher to be integrated into the existing assets.

Our specialized team of engineers and technicians works side by side with our clients from the first design phases, and synergistically collaborates with the internal fabrication and testing resources throughout the project execution. This positively affects the competitiveness of our products and the lead-time necessary to have them ready for the subsea activities.

De Pretto Industrie can also support EPC Contractors with the maintenance, repair and upgrade of existing subsea trenchers from other OEM and with the supply of spare parts. If you want to discover more about our services, visit our Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul page.


De Pretto Industrie supplies tailor-made subsea ploughs as turnkey products, complete with their control system and LARS (launch and recovery system) or specifically designed to be integrated in the existing assets of our clients.

Like for every product developed by De Pretto Industrie, the efforts of our engineers are always directed towards finding the simplest solutions able to guarantee reliable and fast subsea operations. In fact, in our Special Projects business unit, it is well appreciated the importance of minimizing risks of longer offshore campaigns, which can jeopardize the economic sustainability of the subsea operations. What is more, our internal fabrication and testing resources give us the full control of the product development, which makes us a flexible and responsive partner able to provide cost effective solutions for subsea cables and pipelines’ burial.

De Pretto Industrie’s support does not stop with the supply of new bespoke subsea ploughs: our technicians can support our clients both onshore and offshore during the entire working life of our equipment. Furthermore, we can also provide maintenance, repair and upgrade services of existing subsea ploughs of other OEM. If you want to discover more about these services, visit our Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul page.


De Pretto Industrie supplies backfilling and post-trenching equipment used to complete the burial process of subsea pipelines and cables.

Our Special Projects team designs post-trenching equipment that can be easily integrated into existing vessels. Each time it is given particular importance to understand the methodology used by our partners to bury subsea cables and pipelines, with the main purpose of customizing our solution around their offshore activities. This makes De Pretto Industrie able to supply post-trenching equipment conceived to improve and optimize the subsea activities of our clients. Example of post-trenching equipment that De Pretto Industrie can supply to assist its clients are:

  • Backfilling arms;
  • Conveyor systems;
  • Post-trenching suction systems;
  • Post-trenching suction systems operated as a subsea machines with integrated hydraulic and control systems.

The fabrication and test of our post-trenching equipment are carried out with our internal resources, which give us the required flexibility and responsiveness to deliver turnkey products complete with their electrohydraulic and control system within challenging schedules.


The global energy market is facing a challenging time to cut the CO2 emissions and become environmentally sustainable. This is happening thanks to the continuously growing contribution of the renewable energy, which will have to move forward side by side with a continuous improvement of the energy storage technologies. On the other hand, these new technologies for the energy storage require minerals that are not easily available onshore, but abundantly present subsea.

With our strong competences in subsea applications, De Pretto Industrie is committed to give its contribution to make the subsea mining an environmentally acceptable and economically sustainable activity.

De Pretto Industrie can be the ideal partner to develop new equipment and solutions for the emerging market of the subsea mining, which needs smart ideas able to facilitate subsea operations in an extremely challenging and harsh environment. Our in-house design and fabrication capabilities make De Pretto Industrie able to control the whole development process of special equipment for subsea mining, which can range from launch and recovery systems to special subsea mining machines for shallow, deep and ultra-deep water.

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