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The installation of subsea assets is an expensive and risky business, which often have to face unforeseen setbacks that could potentially jeopardize the sustainability of the entire installation project. What is more, after the subsea assets installation, any threat to their functionalities and integrity could lead to severe environmental and economic consequences. Therefore, in case of need, or as a preemptive measure, it is crucial to have reliable subsea intervention equipment to intervene promptly.

De Pretto Industrie supports its clients with the supply of turnkey and tailor-made subsea intervention equipment that is designed, fabricated and tested to meet the operative needs of the specific intervention project. In addition, when required, the solutions developed by De Pretto Industrie are also supplied complete with dedicated hydraulic and control systems suitable for subsea working conditions.

Whether our partners need a subsea bespoke lifting frame (e.g. H-frame) or a subsea pipe-cutting tool, the approach that De Pretto Industrie offers with its Special Projects business unit is always what makes the difference. Indeed, flexibility in finding the most simple and effective solution and the responsiveness in implementing it made De Pretto Industrie a strategic partner for many companies operating subsea.

This is made possible by the structure of our Special Projects business unit. Indeed, we can count on a dedicated and competent team of engineers and technicians with several years of hands-on experience is subsea applications. What is more, this goes side by side with the internal fabrication resources for welding, cladding, machining, assembly and testing. Consequently, this combination of design and manufacturing resources gives to De Pretto Industrie the necessary flexibility and responsiveness to develop and deliver bespoke subsea intervention equipment within challenging time constraints.

The subsea intervention equipment that De Pretto Industrie can supply are mainly:


Our Special Projects business unit can assist EPC contractors operating subsea with the development, fabrication and test of tailor-made subsea special vehicles able to perform specific intervention tasks from shallow to deep water.  From routine subsea interventions to emergency capping of an oil well, even in case of blowout, De Pretto Industrie can assist EPC contractors and oil companies to develop and deliver reliable solutions for the most critical subsea interventions.

Our subsea special vehicles can be remotely operated by means of ROV panels, dedicated umbilical or tensioning lines. In addition, they can be designed to interface with subsea tools supplied by either De Pretto Industrie or other OEM.


De Pretto Industrie supplies bespoke lifting and handling frames for the intervention on subsea pipelines in either shallow or deep water.

Our subsea handling frames are supplied as turnkey products customized to the specific application. Indeed, considering the wide variety of working conditions in which they can operate, it is crucial that they are designed and fabricated to guarantee the execution of the subsea intervention within the budget and available time window. This is achieved taking into consideration water depth, pipe diameter, uneven seabed conditions, type of seabed and many other details that our Special Projects team will discuss stating from the first phases.


De Pretto Industrie and its Special Projects business unit can support EPC contractors operating subsea with the supply of tailor-made cutting tools for subsea interventions.

Each subsea cutting tool is customized taking into consideration the water depth where it will operate together with the material and shape of the subsea objects that it has to cut and demolish, which can be pipelines, flexible flowlines, chains, ropes to name but a few. The technologies that De Pretto Industrie can implement in its subsea cutting tools are always adapted to the specific needs, and are mainly based on diamond wire saws, circular saws or shears. Our subsea cutting tools can be controlled by means of dedicated ROV panels or they can be integrated into our subsea intervention equipment.


De Pretto Industrie assists its partners during the retrieval of subsea pipelines with the supply of tailor-made subsea retrieval tools able to interface and lift flexible flowlines, umbilical and rigid pipelines by means of mechanical jaws. They can be designed to operate from shallow to deep water, and to meet the required safe working load and range of pipeline dimensions.

Our subsea retrieval tools can be directly interfaced with the cranes and lifting hoists available between our clients’ assets to minimize costs and optimize the time necessary to be operative subsea.


Subsea interventions can be extremely variable in terms of scope and working conditions. Therefore, it is often necessary to develop special tools to perform the necessary tasks. Such tools need to be simple to mitigate the risk of unexpected failures when working subsea, and at the same time effective in their functionalities.

It is for this reason that De Pretto Industrie is the ideal partner to support subsea interventions. Indeed, our Special Projects business unit develops special tools for ROV specifically designed, fabricated and tested to meet even the most demanding working conditions from shallow to deep water. What is more, the development process of our solutions is carried out with our internal resources, which gives us the full control of each phase from design to the final tests, and guarantees outstanding flexibility and responsiveness in our collaborations.

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