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De Pretto Industrie, with its Special Projects business unit, supports its clients with the design and manufacturing of tailor-made mechanical test benches for a wide range of applications. The design team of our Special Projects business unit can leverage on decades of hands-on experience in developing bespoke electrohydraulic equipment for special applications, where ingenuity and technical competences are a must-have. What is more, this is combined with an internal workshop, where more than 130 years of experience in the manufacturing of complex equipment gives us strong expertise in the processes that we can manage in-house: welding, machining, assembly and integration with hydraulic and control systems.

Moreover, De Pretto Industrie’s support does not stop with the delivery of our mechanical testing systems. Indeed, our engineers and technicians work closely with our clients also during the installation and commissioning of our products, and during the whole working life of the test bench.

De Pretto Industrie develops testing systems tailored to meet the clients’ specifications, which could go from the need to minimize the cost and time to develop a new product to the need to test the performances of specific equipment.

In particular, De Pretto Industrie can supply:


Vehicles are a typical example of series production, and therefore, this brings the need of guaranteeing identical quality standards to each unit produced to avoid expensive recalls. De Pretto Industrie, with the supply of tailor-made test benches for vehicles, supports OEM and test laboratories in achieving the necessary quality requirements needed to be successful in a highly competitive market.

Our internal engineering team in De Pretto Industrie designs and fabricates customized mechanical testing systems to reach the specific performances needed by our clients. The possibility to combine a skilled design team experienced in developing bespoke test benches with an internal workshop makes De Pretto Industrie the perfect partner to develop special testing systems. Indeed, this brings considerable flexibility and speed through the whole development process, which is a necessity when delivering innovative testing solutions.

Examples of mechanical testing systems for vehicles that De Pretto Industrie can develop are:

Test benches for vehicles stability

Test benches for vehicles’ inertia and COG measurements

Test benches for vehicles performances


The development of new products can require long time and considerable investments. It is for this reason that De Pretto Industrie assists its clients with the development of HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Tests) test benches, which can significantly reduce development time and cut costs that a company has to bear before being ready in the market with a new product.

Therefore, combining the internal design team with the in-house workshop, De Pretto Industrie supplies turnkey mechanical testing systems customized to the specific needs of our clients. Indeed, since the first feasibility studies, our engineers work side by side with all the project’s stakeholders to ensure that the solution proposed is the most simple approach to meet all the requirements of the client. What is more, the in-house availability of all competences, including design, welding, machining, assembly, hydraulics and controls, makes De Pretto Industrie a partner particularly flexible and effective in delivering within the budget and time constraints.

Some examples of applications for the HALT test benches that De Pretto Industrie can supply are:

Test benches for wind turbine components

Test benches for heavy-duty tests

Test benches for subsea cables or umbilical

Test benches for special bearings

Test benches for off-road applications

Test benches for friction pads / friction clamps

Test benches for subsea connectors

Test benches for solid state rocket engines


De Pretto Industrie, with its Special Projects business unit, is able to support its clients with the design and fabrication of tailor-made mechanical equipment for any special testing. Indeed, for our Special Projects team, everything that is special is ordinary work. Therefore, we can support with the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of bespoke mechanical components or subsystems suitable to be integrated with any existing testing facility or test rig that our clients intend to upgrade or reuse.

We combine an experienced team of engineers with internal fabrication resources to provide unique and bespoke solutions for tests. This allows our clients to perform the necessary test campaigns with minimum investments, and therefore, enhancing the available assets while minimizing time and costs to develop new products.

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