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De Pretto Industrie and STC Power: a new successful collaboration developed during COVID-19

De Pretto Industrie is proud to announce its successful collaboration with STC Power, EPC Contractor that in its sector has the largest number of references throughout Europe with over 150 plants built, for two additional projects both with final destination Italy: Riva del Garda and Tolmezzo.

The agreement has been signed during the COVID-19 outbreak and despite the emergency situation.

With the first project for Alto Garda Power, De Pretto Industrie will be contributing to the partial refurbishment of the existing Cogeneration Plant in Riva del Garda: we are already at work on a new 8MWe backpressure steam turbine and its Control System.

A new Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant, of  approx. 20 MWe, is under construction at Burgo Group’s Tolmezzo plant: De Pretto Industrie will be supplying a turnkey solution for a new 11MWe steam turbine generation train.

Despite this tough period and all the relevant hurdles, we keep working on these new projects with the same passion and dedication that always distinguish us.

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