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A step forward in the waste-to-energy sector with R.E.A

de pretto industrie dalmine

De Pretto Industrie renews its collaboration with R.E.A Dalmine (Greenthesis group), a leading Italian player in the environmental and waste treatment sector.

REA has chosen to continue its collaboration with De Pretto Industrie for a new 11 MWel steam turbine generator set that will be installed in their Dalmine site that will be added to the already existing 19MWel turbogroup supplied by De Pretto Industrie at the end of the 90s.

The new CHP unit will produce 11 MW of electricity and will supply the district heating network of the Bergamo municipalities with 30 MW of heat.

De Pretto Industrie would like to thank R.E.A. Dalmine for the renewed trust and the collaboration built in over 25 years.

This success further strengthens our presence in the waste-to-energy sector, with the first projects dating back to the 1980s with the delivery of the turbogroups for the Bolzano and Schio incineration plants.

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