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Subsea pipelines are a key part of subsea oil & gas infrastructures in that they interconnect and make possible fluid transfers between various equipment and facilities either onshore or offshore. A failure of this essential asset is possible for a wide range of possibilities, and it always brings severe economic and environmental consequences that need to be handled promptly to restore the pipeline normal working conditions.

De Pretto Industrie supplies diverless pipeline repair solutions that allow rapid interventions to restore the normal functionality of damaged subsea pipelines. Each of our subsea repair system is provided as a turnkey product customized to meet the specific project requirements: pipeline size, pressure rating and water depth to name but a few. The type of damage (may be caused from corrosion, fatigue, unexpected stress level, accidents with anchors etc.) is always analyzed in order to provide a fit for purpose solution for the intervention. What is more, the support provided by De Pretto Industrie does not stop with the delivery of our subsea repair systems, but it can also continue offshore where our technicians can assist during the execution of the repair activity.

The diverless subsea repair systems that De Pretto Industrie provides are:

Each of these repair systems is developed by our Special Projects’ design team, which is composed by skilled engineers with a solid experience in the subsea market.

Therefore, our in-house design team guarantees a close collaboration with our clients to identify and develop the most suitable repair solutions for their specific needs. The fabrication, qualification and test of our subsea pipeline repair systems are carried out in our internal workshop located in Schio, where more than 130 years of hands-on experience in the energy industry makes each of our product a high quality solution.

Furthermore, having the full control of the product development process, from the design to the fabrication and test, makes De Pretto Industrie an extremely flexible and responsive partner.


Once a subsea pipeline has been identified with a localized damage, it is necessary to prepare the surrounding surfaces for the following repair activity with an EPRS. In particular, it is essential to remove the protective coating that acts as a weight and protects the pipeline from the subsea environment, which is typically concrete weight coat (CWC), fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) or coal tar epoxy (CTE).

De Pretto Industrie provides complete subsea protective coating removal modules suitable to be operated with ROV from shallow to deep water. Our internal team of engineers gives us the required flexibility to develop bespoke solutions adapted to the specific project. Indeed, pipe size, type and length of the coating to be removed and water depth are just a few of the key aspects that our engineers will take into consideration during the design phase.

The fabrication and test of our coating removal modules are carried out in our internal workshop, where design and manufacturing competences meet to provide the best subsea solutions to our partners.


Repairing a damaged subsea pipeline is an activity that needs to be done fast and right, which is why De Pretto Industrie is the ideal partner to assist in subsea repair activities. In particular, De Pretto Industrie provides in-line emergency pipeline repair systems (EPRS) able to reduce expensive shutdowns or the use of costly subsea welding habitats.

Our emergency pipeline repair systems (EPRS) are either spool pieces and mechanical connectors or permanent subsea repair clamps designed by our skilled subsea engineers to encapsulate and seal off localized pipeline damages. They are installed after adequately preparing the interface surface on the rigid flowline, and they become part of the subsea pipeline for its entire design life. In particular, our EPRS are always customized to meet the requirements of our clients, starting from the need of structural or non-structural repair clamps, to the specific pipeline diameters, working pressure and water depth.

The fabrication and test of our EPRS are carried out with our internal production facilities, which always work side by side with our engineers to provide fast and cost-effective solutions. In addition, our technicians can give support during the offshore installation of our emergency pipeline repair system.


The installation of subsea repair clamps, especially in deep water, requires the use of dedicated installation modules able to guide and control the handling of the EPRS, and therefore, avoid any risk of damages or longer installation activities.

De Pretto Industrie can supply bespoke repair clamp installation frames and modules suitable to install the EPRS developed by either our Special Project business unit or by other OEM. Our skilled team of engineers works closely with our clients to develop the best solution for their subsea activities, starting from the design phase to the fabrication and test in our internal workshop. What is more, De Pretto Industrie can provide offshore assistance also during the installation and repair phases.

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