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Riser Pull-in Heads: the flexibility that derisks your offshore installation projects

De Pretto Industrie is proud to share the new concept of Swivel Pull-in Heads for riser lines developed by our Special Projects business unit. This new concept features a universal joint head with self-aligning capabilities and specific technologies that allow long term subsea wet storage of the Pull-in Heads. Therefore, it is now possible to program or resume the pull-in phase of the riser lines when appropriate for a project.

Here below some of the new Swivel Pull-in Heads that De Pretto Industrie designed and manufactured for the installation of ten SLWR in a new tie back project offshore Guyana. The universal joint will allow the installation of the SLWR preserving their flanges from torsional and bending moments during the pull-in phases. Each components will be stored subsea for up to six months at a water depth between 1600 and 1800 m, providing our client the required flexibility necessary for a smooth project execution.

Visit the dedicated section of our website for more details. LINK

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