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De Pretto Industrie, with its Special Projects business unit, can count on a strong experience in delivering tailor-made handling and lifting equipment for a wide range of industrial and research applications. This makes us able to assist our clients in tackling their challenges that often arise during assembly or transport of heavy or delicate mechanical equipment putting at their disposal our internal design and fabrication competences. Indeed, our Special Projects team can count on a motivated team of engineers that faces each new challenge with ingenuity and practical knowledge. In addition to our internal design resources, our in-house fabrication capabilities give us the full control of the development process of our handling and lifting equipment, which makes us able to handle each project with flexibility and responsiveness.

Starting from the specific needs of our clients, we develop our lifting and handling equipment in accordance with the applicable codes and standards (e.g. EN 13155, Machine Directive, etc.), and deliver them as turnkey products ready to be used to improve the processes of our clients.

In particular, the handling and lifting equipment that De Pretto Industrie can supply are:

  • Tailing Frames;
  • Handling equipment for heavy components;
  • Assembly equipment for heavy components;
  • Handling equipment for delicate components that have limited allowable deformations or tight space constraints;
  • Assembly equipment for delicate components that have limited allowable deformations or tight space constraints;
  • MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment).


Lifting and handling heavy and long components can be particularly challenging, especially when the equipment available onsite is limited or when minimizing the time to handle these components is key to cut costs and risk. Indeed, the use of a tailing frame allows a controlled and fast upending of long components like vessels for chemical or nuclear applications, wind turbines’ blades or towers, aerospace rockets’ components to name but a few.

De Pretto Industrie supports the fabrication and transportation operations of our clients with the supply of tailor-made tailing frames specifically designed to meet the requirements of each application. In particular, the design is developed by our internal team of engineers who can count on strong mechanical and electrohydraulic competences leveraging also on FEM and 3D modeling. This is combined with the in-house workshop, which gives us a light project structure perfect for fast executions that require important customizations. Therefore, De Pretto Industrie supplies bespoke tailing frames as turnkey products ready to be put at use in our clients’ internal processes.


The assembly, integration or transport of heavy or delicate components are frequently risky operations. It is for this reason that it is often necessary to develop bespoke handling and assembly equipment suitable to eliminate the risk of longer operations, or in the worst cases, the risk of damaging the critical components that have to be handled.

De Pretto Industrie, with its strong inventiveness and practical knowledge, supplies tailor-made handling and assembly equipment complete with electrohydraulic and control systems. Such solutions can be developed to enable the handling of particularly heavy components or items that are extremely sensible to deformations. In addition, our handling equipment for industrial and research applications can be adapted to operate in a wide variety of environments: from UHV (ultra-high vacuum) applications to marine applications.

Our Special Projects business unit’s engineers work side by side with the clients to identify the most simple and effective solutions to tackle their challenges. What is more, this is combined with our internal workshop, where more than a century of experience in manufacturing complex mechanical equipment guarantees the high level of quality expected by our clients. 


De Pretto Industrie supplies bespoke MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment) for handling, integrating, testing and transporting aerospace equipment. Customization and satisfaction of stringent requirements are what characterizes each MGSE developed by De Pretto Industrie. Indeed, each equipment conceived by our Special Projects business unit is designed in close collaboration with the various stakeholders of the project using our internal design resources to meet all the specific needs of our clients. Furthermore, the fabrication and test of our equipment is carried out in our internal workshop, which provides us with the necessary flexibility and responsiveness.

The MGSE supplied by De Pretto Industrie can support several aerospace applications: from the development of solid-state engines for rockets to satellites and aircrafts. In particular, De Pretto Industrie’s solutions can support its clients event in the most challenging projects in terms of weight and dimensions of the components to be handled.

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