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Large components for the infinitely small

CERN is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.
In order to continue investigating the fundamental laws of the universe and go beyond the last discovery of the Higgs boson, it needs continuous improvements.

The next major upgrade of the LHC, known as the High-Luminosity LHC, will drastically increase the particles collisions to help scientists on this hard quest for knowledge, and we are proud to be on board also with this project.

De Pretto Industrie supplied the innermost HUBs needed for the ATLAS New Small Wheel (NSW) upgrade. The HUB is the central stainless steel element of the mechanical structure shown in the picture, and it will act as a radiation shielding while being the inner rim structural element of the ATLAS detector.

After working with CERN technicians to develop specific forging and manufacturing processes to meet the utmost challenging technical requirements of these HUBs, we wish all CERN scientists and collaborators good luck in the next experiments.

We are sure that our contribution is in good hands and that it will help in bringing to light new features about our Universe.

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