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Gela (IT), a new Combi Steam Turbine package for ENI marked De Pretto Industrie


We’re pleased to announce that De Pretto Industrie has just been awarded with a COMBI Steam Turbine package to be installed onshore in the ENI “Nuovo Centro Olio Plant” located in Gela, Italy, where ENI is currently developing an experimental Concentrated Solar Plant.

The scope of works for De Pretto Industrie covers the design, supply, fabrication, assembly, maintenance, test and inspection, spare parts, packing, transportation of N.1 (one) Steam Turbine package for power generation – fully tested and complete with electric generator and all associated accessories and auxiliary systems required for a reliable operation.

The power generation package will be installed in a MV substation and shall therefore comply with the CEI 016 norm: our COMBI steam turbine fully complies with its stringent requirements.

What is a COMBI steam turbine and which are its main features?

  • Back-pressure, low power, high-efficiency, single-casing, single-flow axial unit having a single impulse stage;
  • Direct drive design, removing the need for a gearbox between steam turbine and generator;
  • CEI 016 certified;
  • Simple regulation and swift response allowing for quick start-ups;
  • Can be offered as a plug&play/containerized solution in order to have an even easier and faster site installation;
  • Power output ranges from few kW up to approx. 400 kW per unit;
  • Ideally used in place of pressure reduction station in order to recover unused throttling energy thus contributing in maximizing process efficiency;
  • Its limited OPEX and CAPEX combined with the current energy price, allow for a fast ROI.
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