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Back to 1936, our first steam turbine!

de pretto industrie rossignano

Today we want to share with you a key event in the history of De Pretto Industrie. We need to go back to 1936, a quite exceptional year for many reasons, some of them are very curious:

– Giovanni Agnelli presented the Fiat 500 “Topolino”;

– African-American Jesse Owens achieved international fame and surprised the world of athletics by winning four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin;

– The BBC launched the world’s first regular television service in high-definition; 

Radium E became the first radioactive element to be made synthetically;

Joseph Bowers was the first man to attempt an escape from Alcatraz prison;

– De Pretto Industrie, at that time De Pretto EscherWyss, manufactured and installed its very first steam turbine, the “Numero 1”, that today and after almost a century is still proudly running!

Our “Numero 1”, installed in the Rosignano Solvay plant – Italy, celebrates these days 87 years of reliable operation setting an unprecedented and mind-blowing record.

Over almost one century, together with Solvay, we have taken care of “her” and today we are proud to say we have reached an extraordinary milestone.

“Numero 1”, we wish you to keep running safely reaching the 100 years anniversary!

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